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We are continuing to actively monitor the status of the proposed Canyon Springs development with the Town of Truckee and the developer.  See the post below for the current status.

We will post any updates or information about important meetings as soon as we know.                                                                                                   Please leave any comments or suggestions you might have.


From the Town of Truckee,  January 20, 2016

“The applicant for the Canyon Springs project continues to work on a modified project proposal in response to public comment and Planning Commission questions raised during the November 16-17 (2015) Planning Commission hearing. A future hearing date has not been determined and will not be scheduled until the revised project has been submitted and reviewed by Town staff to determine if any additional information is needed. At the point when the revised project is ready for re-consideration by the Planning Commission, additional public noticing (mailed, newspaper, e-notification, Town website, etc.) will be provided to ensure those interested in attending and/or providing comments on a revised Canyon Springs project will have access to the most current information.

Questions were raised at the November (2015) Planning Commission hearing about a previous Holdrege & Kull geotechnical report cited in the Canyon Springs Final Environmental Impact Report.  A copy of this report titled, “Geotechnical Engineering Report for Tahoe Boca” dated September 12, 2003 can be found here.”

Canyon Springs Community Update Mtg – Oct 16, 2014, 6pm

To review the Canyon Springs Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (RDEIR) Chapters go to the Town of Truckee’s website. Public comments regarding the adequacy of the revised chapters should be submitted to the Town of Truckee Planning Division to Denyelle Nishimori, email;

The public comment period will close on Wednesday November 12th at 5pm. MAP urges concerned community members to review the revised chapters and submit written comments. For more information or questions regarding please contact SOSCS RDEIR Community Meeting 10-16 Glenshire at


Canyon Springs DEIR is Here! Now is our only chance-Comment Period Ends 3/1/2013!

DEIR is now available online for review and comment.  Deadline for comment is March 1st.  You can also check out a hard copy or purchase CD of DEIR at the Town of Truckee, or read it at the Truckee Library.  SOSG has made CD’s (organized by chapters) – please email if you would like us to get a CD to you.

Many thanks to the community members who attended the Canyon Springs public meeting on Dec. 18th!

Pencil in Jan. 29th on your calendars for a meeting with the Town to ask technical questions about the DEIR.

Tax exempt donations towards hiring experts to analyze DEIR can be made, click here.


It’s Time to Get Involved!

The DEIR is being released for Public Review on December 19, 2012, with Public Comment Period expiring March 1, 2013!

An informational Canyon Springs Public Meeting is being held at the Town Hall, Tuesday, Dec 18th, 6 – 8 p.m.  Please note that this meeting is not intended for questions or comments on the DEIR content or project.

Click here to view town flyer

Comment on Sierra Sun re: Town Council mtg for Canyon Springs

You can view the recent Sierra Sun article covering the Truckee Town Council Feb 17th meeting outcome regarding the Canyon Springs Truckee  DEIR consultant.  Please post your comments – they matter and make a huge impact!