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Town Update
According to a new ruling adopted by the Town Council in August to close applications that have been inactive for six months, the Canyon Springs application could expire in mid-February, if it remains inactive.

What Next?
If the application closes in February, there’s nothing to prevent the project applicants from bringing back a new proposal in the future, though doing so would likely include high costs for them. A closed application might be temporary victory for those who want to conserve ecologically valuable areas as open space, our wildlife, and our ability to evacuate safely in the event of wildfire. But it’s not a permanent one.

What will SOSG do?
If the applicant comes in with a new plan under the wire, we’ll spring into action with legal review and community mobilization. If they don’t, and the project closes, then we’ll be focused on working towards permanent conservation for the Canyon Springs site.

What can you do?
Whatever happens, SOSG will be incurring major costs in 2018 to protect Eastern Truckee. Please consider donating to SOSG. We have no paid staff, meaning that your donation directly supports the work and minimal overhead costs.

SOSG is stronger than ever!
We’re also pleased to share that the SOSG board has been strengthened by new members.


A year ago, I joined the SOS Glenshire board along with Jeremy Thompson because I’m dismayed by how many empty lots and empty streets we already have in Eastern Truckee, and the thought of more roads being built for a neighborhood that never fully materializes is unthinkable to me, both environmentally and for our property values. I’m also especially concerned about fire safety, and know many of us got that evacuation warning call this summer that brought the threat home. After the horrible tragedy in Sonoma in which many people died before they could evacuate from the fires, I became that much more dedicated to fighting development that endangers the safety of all of us. And that’s why I wanted to write this note personally, so that you’d know exactly who is behind the organization asking for your support – both our level of personal dedication, and our qualifications to fight this fight.

Many of you already know Leigh Golden, the long-time President and current Vice President of Community Engagement, Kathy Echols, our longtime Secretary and advocate, and Lori Kelley, SOS Glenshire’s longtime rock and current Treasurer. And here’s a little on Jeremy and me, so you can get to know us, too:

Jeremy Thompson, SOS Glenshire’s Vice President of Environmental Review, is an expert in understanding environmental impact, and has 20 years of experience as a professional hydrologist and geomorphologist, environmental planner, and ecological designer, working to enhance and restore natural ecosystem processes in degraded landscapes. He has a graduate degree from the UC Berkeley Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Department, and currently works for CH2M out of their Sacramento and Truckee offices. Jeremy has lived in Glenshire for the past 10 years with his wife Abby and two kids Desmond and Josie, and spends his free time skiing, biking, whitewater kayaking and rafting, making music, and rambling around the beautiful landscapes of California and Nevada.

Tanja Hester, SOS Glenshire’s new President, is a 15-year veteran of political and social cause campaigns as a media consultant, with successful wins on the national, state and local level, including Proposition 56 in the last election, the first state-level win against big tobacco in years. Her expertise includes overall campaign strategy, message development, and grassroots outreach. Tanja has lived in Glenshire for the past six years with her husband Mark Bunge, a political pollster and President of the Sierra Avalanche Center, and the two are retiring early from their careers at the end of the year to dedicate more time to being outdoors and to being engaged in the Truckee/Tahoe community. When they’re not fighting the good fight, they’re out backcountry skiing, biking, traveling the world, or working on their blog and podcasts.

Jeremy and I have already been working hard behind the scenes to promote conservation of the Canyon Springs site, and we’re excited to ramp things up even more.



We are continuing to actively monitor the status of the proposed Canyon Springs development with the Town of Truckee and the developer.  See the post below for the current status.

We will post any updates or information about important meetings as soon as we know.                                                                                                   Please leave any comments or suggestions you might have.


From the Town of Truckee,  January 20, 2016

“The applicant for the Canyon Springs project continues to work on a modified project proposal in response to public comment and Planning Commission questions raised during the November 16-17 (2015) Planning Commission hearing. A future hearing date has not been determined and will not be scheduled until the revised project has been submitted and reviewed by Town staff to determine if any additional information is needed. At the point when the revised project is ready for re-consideration by the Planning Commission, additional public noticing (mailed, newspaper, e-notification, Town website, etc.) will be provided to ensure those interested in attending and/or providing comments on a revised Canyon Springs project will have access to the most current information.

Questions were raised at the November (2015) Planning Commission hearing about a previous Holdrege & Kull geotechnical report cited in the Canyon Springs Final Environmental Impact Report.  A copy of this report titled, “Geotechnical Engineering Report for Tahoe Boca” dated September 12, 2003 can be found here.”

How You can help protect Wildlands & Wildlife Now! (March 2014)

Report wildlife sightings on our website – SOSG will be updating wildlife sighting information soon to help further advocate for their protection!  Many deer have been seen since January due to the mild winter weather!

We urge you to write to Truckee Town Council & Planning Commission members, before the Final Environmental Impact Report is out, to voice your concerns regarding the current proposed Canyon Springs development in Eastern Truckee.  Contact information for Town Council Members, contact information for Planning Commission Members